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EFE & GB NETS have been manufacturing fieldwork equipment, marine and freshwater sampling nets, entomology nets, frames and samplers for over 40 years for academic research, professional biologists, Local Authorities and Government Agencies as well as educational and wildlife groups. For further details about our Company, our industry standard designs and designing equipment to customers own requirements , plus guarantees of up to 3 years please see the About Us section. Whether you need a pond dipping net, plankton net, butterfly net, sweep net, sample tray or a complete kit we hope to meet your needs.

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Product Guides

  • Amphibian net bags and frames have been designed to either have softer larger mesh bags or a different type of frame that reduces the risk of damage to all stages of the life cycle.
    We produce softer 2mm wide woven mesh bags for the European Net Frame at 300mm wide, The Standard Kick Net frame at 250mm wide, for the Student Sampling Frame at 200mm wide, the Econet Frame at 150mm wide and the Pond Net... read more

  • There are now two types of beating tray and 3 types of bag.
    A lightweight beating tray net and frame has been introduced for school and general use. This features a telescopic handle and washable net bag. \r\nThere is also a large beating tray that is very strong and designed for heavy use, It is manufactured exclusively from aluminium and features a retractable handle as well as washable bag.... read more

  • We manufacture 4 different butterfly nets all using an extremely light material that you can see through to view the insects.

    The most popular is the Ultralight which is tear drop shaped and has a short handle with elasticated carry hook. Thee same net frame will take a sweep net for general invertebrate work. The ease of use and very light weight has made this a very popular net. Introduced... read more

  • These are ultra light nets on telescopic light weight poles for taking surface scoops in water quality measurement.
    The net mesh is 250 micron or finer and is conical in shape usually terminating in a screw on filter.
    The net frame itself is a similar shape to the standard 250 kick net frame but it is made from 10.0 mm aluminium tube and the bag is attached by velcro.
    These nets are... read more

    Several items of equipment that we sell are used for capture and examination of protected species in the field, but they can be used for capture of non protected species as well (Signal Crayfish for example). The responsibility is on the purchaser to be licensed when required, and to operate under those license conditions.

    The Environment Agency should be... read more

  • There are two dredges.
    The naturalists dredge is heavy welded steel with heavy arms that are intended for use on a chain before the rope section. This is the traditional dredge and can be used in freshwater, estuarine and marine environments. The frame is Guaranteed 5 years.

    The lightweight dredge is again welded construction but made from heavy gauge aluminium. It is much smaller and can... read more

  • We manufacture three types of Electro fishing nets. One based on the Standard frame, One based on the 350 aluminium frame, the other based on the lightweight Snaplock system with interchangeable net heads. They utilise 6mm black woven fry mesh bags but can have larger or smaller mesh. The net heads are wide and shallow and the handles have insulation / grips along their entire length. The handles are... read more

  • Accurate quantitative fieldwork requires accurate equipment for measuring environmental parameters.
    We developed over 30 years ago what is now the standard grid quadrat, the point frame and digital stream meters.
    Our equipment is now more robust as well as more accurate and easier to use.
    The equipment we do not make ourselves is known to have the same qualities and guarantees or we will... read more

    All standard Quadrats are 500 mm x 500 mm made from heavy gauge steel wire and plastic coated to strengthen the welds, protect the wire and make the quadrat highly visible. These styles were introduced by EFE in 1976. In 2004 we introduced zinc plating in a silver colour for Q1’s only. These are smooth, U/V resistant and can not be chipped.
    Q1/Z Frame Quadrat open, zinc plated,... read more

  • We manufacture two major types of flowing water samplers. The Drift Net for fixing in a stream bed and possibly leaving in site and the Surber with a variety of refinements for quantitative sampling in a given area.

    Surber Samplers are for quantitative sampling where the current is less than about 10cm/second. This is a modification of the original sampler described by... read more

  • GRAPNEL Health and Safety Warning
    A grapnel if thrown incorrectly is a dangerous piece of equipment. They are not recommended for use by school pupils. Retrieving a grapnel can also be dangerous in some situations. It is recommended that a risk analysis is carried out for all grapnel use.

    For sampling aquatic plants. A lightweight three-pronged brass... read more

  • The Hess sampler is used in similar circumstances to a surber sampler but is even more accurate.
    We manufacture 3 samplers - a large 300mm sampler, a very strong welded aluminium 145mm sampler and a 200mm economy sampler.
    We also manufacture our own Stove Pipe Sampler which works on the same principle but is for still water.
    The base of the Hess sampler is pushed into the substrate to... read more

  • The Standard Professional Nets
    - also known as Kick Nets (250mm wide and 28mm pole) are the original Professional Net recognised and used worldwide for research by Consultants , Post Graduates, Universities, River Authorities and The Environment Agency. They will last for 10 years even with regular use. They have also been adopted by the Riverfly Partnership recognised by the London Natural History... read more

  • For sampling water from taps and hydrants or for preventing loss of fry or invertebrates from overflow pipes. The large nets are supplied with 1 heavy duty cable tie.. The tap net and medium pipe nets are fitted with a draw-string. For clients requiring a large area for retaining fish or fry we manufacture the pipe nets at double length with reinforced seams. Many of these nets are made to specific... read more

  • For sampling the plankton in static or slow-flowing water . 250mm and 300mm Plankton Nets can be hand thrown or towed but a full risk assesment should be undertaken prior to use.

    Plankton nets have a ring manufactured from 5mm marine stainless steel with a towing harness and 7m of line attached. The collar is sewn directly to the net and ring reducing the amount of sample loss and is made from... read more

  • We manufacture 500 and 800mm diameter Plankton and Trawl nets.

    500 mm Plankton and Fry net rings are manufactured by us from 6mm marine grade A4 stainless steel precision welded at the seam.

    850mm rings are usualy manufactured from 8mm stainless steel and are made to the clients own specifications.

    A 3 point harness is used with a centralstainless steel ring or swivel. The... read more

  • All our nets could be used as pond dipping nets but in this guide we concentrate on those that are cheaper and for general educational use.

    A pond net requires a handle of at least 1 metre to be able to reach over the vegetation and a frame and bag strong enough to withstand a mud filled scoop being lifted on to the bank. Apart from our Professional and Student series of nets we offer the Econet... read more

  • EFE & GB Nets are the official supplier of The Riverfly Partnership Monitoring Kits.
    The kit is available to Partners of the Riverfly Partnership trained in the Anglers Monitoring Initiative.
    For more information see www.riverflies.org.

    The Riverfly Partnership is a network of nearly 100 partner organisations, representing anglers,... read more

    Bag sieves
    Made for rapid filtration in the field or on deck. They are made to fit over the mouth of standard buckets yet pack in to a jacket pocket.

    Tower Sieves
    Available in 2 widths and 3 heights. They are normally stacking and the volume varies by height rather than width Our system is not suitable for... read more

  • All our sweep net bags have a curved foot introduced by us in the 1980''s to help prevent insects escaping and make examination easier. The bags are made from a fine white nylon washable material held on the frame with Velcro. Heavy duty versions of most bags are available manufactured from calico which is far more resistant to snagging but is a fawn /grey colour. We manufacture 3 sizes of general sweep... read more

  • The type of water net you require depends on where you are sampling. Our professional net series can be used anywhere but the cheaper nets for educational use are site dependant.

    The material used in our bags is manufactured specifically for us in the UK and is Environment Agency approved or alternatively precision mesh is used varying from 1000 to 10 micron manufactured to International standards... read more

  • We are now selling 3 types of waders manufactured by Snowbee.
    High Elastic PVC is the cheapest material and sufficient for occasional use.\r\nSizes:4-12 available
    A new 150 Denier Rip-Stop wader for 2015 replacing the best selling 210 denier nylon model. The new material is light , flexible and super tough.
    A rip-stop outer with inner PVC waterproofing plus double heat sealed and stitched... read more

  • For sampling invertebrates in static or slow-flowing waters. These samplers are based on the S.Auf.U. colonisation samplers described by Girton and Hawkes, but are constructed from white polypropylene pall rings and 1mm white polyester netting. Dimensions: Height 100mm Diameter 150mm. The samplers may be either staked or weighted in position. They are normally left in place for 4 to 6 weeks for optimum... read more

  • Well or Phreatic Nets are effectively plankton nets for vertical drop.
    The net bag has a wide heavy industrial nylon collar to resist abrasion that has been sewn to a small marine stainless steel ring.

    A 3 point harness with swivel and line is attached to the ring. The collecting bag is proportionaly longer than that used in a plankton net and the steel ring is a much smaller diameter. The... read more

  • We have collected together into kits all the items you will need to sample Ponds, Rivers, Meadows, Seashsore and Woodland with pupils of different ages. The kits are far cheaper than ordering individual items of equipment but you can always add items to the basic kits.

    The number of pupils each kit is appropriate for depends on their age, safety considerations and the environment but as a guide... read more